“Milk was a Bad Choice”

"French" Miso Soup and Two Bean Salad


Well fear not Ron Burgundy, you’re not the only one making bad choices in the heat. The second I ordered the French Onion Soup while grabbing a bite with a buddy the other day, I found myself regretting the decision. Not because I don’t love the stuff, but because we were sitting outside. And I was already shvitzing. We agreed it was poor ordering, but I’ll be honest, it was still pretty delicious. 

It’s interesting. For every person that loves onions, there’s someone who hates them. But when it comes to food there’s an easy way around these types of issues. It’s all in name.  Ironically, I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” last night, and he brought up the same issue. A chef was making absurdly good blood sausage but no one would order it. He called it cassoulet, and bam!, one of the most popular menu items. 

So French Miso Soup? Well quite frankly I could have called this anything, because it was damn delicious. I sautéed fresh farm onions, garlic, and zucchini until golden brown and then added in some serious flavor. Red pepper flakes, oregano, and that miso I’ve mentioned before added a rich earthiness that balanced perfectly with a little white wine. A bit of water to thin the soup out and it was ready to go. 

A quick side note: When we think Miso, we think that $1.50 soup that comes with sushi entrees. But this is just another example of how many flavors work with the fermented soy. It’s by far my favorite ingredient to work with right now. Okay back to the soup… 

But everyone’s favorite part, onion lover or not, is that melted cheese. Typically the cheese is melted over a floating crouton to ensure that beautiful golden layer, but there was no bread in site. I quickly roasted a few cremini mushrooms (perfect floaters by the way) and had the same impact with even more added flavor. The validation? The self-proclaimed onion hater of the world loved the soup! 

Paired with a pole bean, chickpea, radish, and romaine salad this soup and salad dinner was just what I needed to prove my hangover was cured!


One Response to “Milk was a Bad Choice”

  1. Joshyq says:

    just bought a thing of miso, rather excited to use it!
    Making Pho right now for the first time as well…

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