I Have a Hangover….LSFE

My Hangover Cure

You wake up, it hurts to open your eyes, but it hurts to close them. You hope a few more hours of sleep is the remedy. It’s not. You’re miserable. So you start to regret the night before. You vow to never drink tequila again. But then you piece it all together. You remember the fun. You remember the people. And you remember the stories. You may be suffering. But it was worth it.

Yep, I have a hangover. And I’ve had it for two stinkin’ weeks. My tequila…Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Since that meal, I’ve barely cooked. Partially because of the heat, partially because of my schedule, but for dramatics, mainly because of that meal. It was so good! But I feel like I’m close to being cured. So great food and more posting to come! Maybe the greasy take out and cold beer from last night is exactly the remedy I needed…

 But in a LSFE segue, I wanted to think about the makings of a true hangover cure (the alcohol induced variety). We all have our go tos. Some swear by a Gatorade and others by the egg sandwich. Maybe a cup of coffee or a stiff bloody mary to get through the pain. But why do these work? Or maybe more importantly, why don’t they?

In my expert opinion vast experience and google searching, there are three points of focus: your head, your stomach, and fatigue. The problem is, some of the most common remedies will help one, but negatively impact the other. That cup of coffee? Great for fatigue but terrible for both your head and stomach. Even though caffeine is often touted as a headache cure, the headache that comes with a hangover is more to do with dehydration than anything else. Caffeine will not only further dehydrate, but it’s also a stimulant and a diuretic (think, oops I crapped my pants).

So what about the greasy food solution? Well it’s been suggested that the greasy food can slow the absorption of the alcohol into the bloodstream. But if you have a hangover, then it’s too late for this. That being said, just like the cup of coffee, gaining some energy to fight off the ill effects may still prove to be valuable. In other words, it may not be biologically effective, but I’m sure I’ll be inhaling an ommellete and a black coffee this Saturday morning.

So what’s the best bet? It has to be drinking! Okay so the bloody mary probably only helps you deal, not necessarily cure. But that’s not what I mean by drinking. Hydrating is probably the only real valid hangover cure out there. Whether its water, Gatorade, or some combination (try some ginger beer or tea for those stomach turns), the more you hydrate, the quicker you’re cured. At least that’s what google says.

Oh, one more thing. If anyone ever tries to argue, “the only cure for a hangover is to not drink in the first place”, immediately remove them from your circle. Or even worse…de-friend them!


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