Zucchini QueCSAdilla

Zucchini "Quesadilla"

After the weekend in Saratoga, I was really primed to get back into the kitchen. I had picked up my CSA bundle this past week on the way out of the city and hadn’t eaten a thing. But for the second straight week there was an amazing assortment of squash available and this time, I had grabbed the zucchini.

Besides the other produce, the fridge was looking pretty sparse. But a few eggs and some sharp cheddar was all I needed for this beautiful “quesadilla”. I thinly sliced rounds of the zucchini on the mandolin and assembled them at the bottom of a cast iron overlapping to form a nice crispy layer. Using the egg as the binder I had the perfect substitute for tortillas. Layering half of the zucchini “tortilla” on top of the shredded cheddar and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper and oregano, this quesadilla turned out amazing.

I’ve loved making those zucchini and corn quesadilla’s for parties but the flavor here was so much fresh and delicious. These would be perfect for any meal!


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