Food for Thought

This past weekend was our now annual reunion trip to Saratoga Springs. If you haven’t been to Saratoga, particularly in the summer, you should put it on your list. It’s a beautiful town, with a ton of life and we have found it extremely easy to find weekend rentals for a crew. It is always fun to see what’s new and what has mysteriously remained (I’ll never understand Hot Sauce stores), because for food and booze, the town is full of awesome options.

The stand out addition to the town is the Saratoga Winery which started production back in 07 but has just recently started selling their 2008 vintages. The tasting room was a blast! But as with most reunion trips, we did a lot of reminiscing at some of our old, favorite spots.

Our Saturday night meal got me thinking though. Gotchya’s, a restaurant I had only been to once before, has a quirky yet familiar italian menu full of fresh pasta, great flavors, and fun service. At least that’s what we had all remembered. This time around, we felt like we had intruded on someone’s family dinner; and this was not a family I would want as my own. The place was fairly empty scattered with what had to be regulars. Nothing came easy. Ordering took forever, the food took longer, and that fresh, homemade menu was replaced by overwhelming large portions of so, so food.

Since we all had such positive memories, and had also all agreed on the new assessment, had the restaurant really lost it’s touch, had the service had an off night, or had we really been the ones that changed? Since we all gorged on Hattie’s fried chicken the night before without thinking twice, I can’t say it was all about us. But there is no question, expectations and experiences change your food perspective. At least we all still like each other!

So maybe we won’t be going back to Gotchya’s, but I’m sure we will be back in Saratoga!


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