FDA Approved for Symptoms of Oppressive Heat

Quinoa Salad with Fried Goat Cheese

I am a firm believer in the healing powers of food. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not one of these radicals that denounces all modern medicine and swears by some secret blend of acai and fish oil. And if you need further confirmation, just ask my liver about the levels of ibuprofen it’s filtered for me. But believe it or not , the foods we eat can have a profound impact on reversing or reducing the ill effects of some of our most common health issues. I am sure of it.

Well last night, I was in desperate need of a remedy. A remedy for the lethargy and exhaustion that has been sweeping the Northeast as we suffer through our first real heat wave of the summer. I hate to even complain, particularly since one of my good friends lives in South Carolina where you may need four pairs of underwear to get through the day, but let’s be honest, this heat is oppressive. And although I was oh so close to ordering in, sprawled out in the bedroom where our air conditioner has been running overtime, I decided to brave the heat and cook up a meal that would truly cool us down.

We all crave cold and refreshing foods when we’re overheated. Yet some of the go to cold options will offer only some short term comfort. But fresh fruits and greens that are high in water content offer long lasting relief. And since my tiny gas stove manages to successfully heat my apartment (perfect for the winter, not so much right now), a salad seemed like the perfect place for some fresh greens and onions from the CSA, along with the added punch of fresh corn, sliced balsamic macerated strawberries and some cooked quinoa. 

But even with the filling quinoa, this salad was in need of a little richness. So with the stove running just long enough to cook up some bacon and then immediately pan fry rounds of cornmeal crusted goat cheese we had a salad that had a ton of great fresh flavors and that without a doubt helped alleviate my sluggishness and crankiness; two of my worst symptoms of oppressive heat.


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