Be Cool, Eat a …


Strawberry and Coconut "Rita's" Water Ice

Well not quite, but sometimes you just need a water ice. And not the store-bought, wooden spoon variety or even a Ralph’s Italian Ice; good, but not the same. At this point I feel like Rita’s has made its way far enough outside the Philly area that most people know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you should go order a mango gelati with vanilla custard…immediately! 

I have an even deeper connection to Rita’s well beyond my love for the water ice. My first paying job at age 15 was at a Rita’s, scooping water ice and making custard. Oh and eating just about everything in sight. Let’s just say I was still in the “transitioning out of my middle school fat” phase. So it’s not like I’m collecting stock options, but I’m definitely still invested. 

The only Ritas that’s close is in Hoboken and that wasn’t going to cut it last night. But a carton full of fresh strawberries, a bit of coconut sorbet, and a handful of ice later I had made a blended treat that was a perfect stand in. If I had only had a custard machine!


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