Our Green Room Party

Not Really, but… 

Salmon BLTs

Our good friends in The Canon Logic headlined the Bowery Ballroom this past Saturday and really put on a show. Playing a large chunk of their debut album, FM Arcade, along with some amazing renditions of Arcade Fire’s “Tunnels” and Radiohead’s “There, There”, the guys continued to impress with their upbeat and in your face sets. If you haven’t checked them out before, I strongly encourage you to do so… 

But I, am not a musician. My singing voice stinks and at best I can play the first few notes of Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano. So it’s a damn good thing I can cook! 

Before we and a few of our friends cabbed it down to the Bowery, I cooked up a bunch of appetizers and paired them with a slamming cocktail and some great wine. Earlier in the day I baked a bunch of whole wheat baguettes that came out really well. Honestly, I know the whole wheat craze is a bit annoying but I’ve been adding in the nuttier “healthier” flour for it’s taste, not it’s health benefits. I really love the heartier flavor and if done in the right proportions (in this case only part of the total flour was whole wheat), you’d be surprised how good the outcome is. 

Whole Wheat Baguettes

So with my fresh bread sliced and baked off, I assembled some roasted salmon BLTs. Simply roasted salmon over a basil aioli, fresh tomatoes, romaine lettuce (from the CSA), and thick cut bacon sounds delicious enough, but with the fresh baked bread these open faced sandwiches were off the charts. Along with a chickpea dip and pita chips and zucchini and corn quesadillas we really ate well. 

Oh yeah, and drank really well. When Carrie suggested I re-create a Basil Lemon Mojito (WITH VODKA) that she had tried out, I figured  I had some artistic freedom. I’m not sure if mine turned out the same as the one’s she had tried before, but I can assure you they were good. I made a lemon basil simple syrup and added in vodka, and a splash of lemon lime seltzer; refreshing, delicious and strong. Just like a cocktail should be! 

Also thanks to Dave for messing around with my crappy point and shoot and taking a bunch of pictures for me! 

Salmon BLTs Take Two


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