Grilled Romaine Salad w/ Sweet Potato Croutons

So how do you follow up the best meal of your life?

Trust me it was on my mind as I came up with this dish from more items of my CSA bundle. But cooking isn’t a competition…outside of reality tv that is. So when I thought about how to use those garlic scapes and romaine lettuce, I thought back to that grilled caesar salad I had last summer. If you grill lettuce well, you end up with just enough carmelization without the “hot lettuce” syndrome.

I paired my grilled romaine with a garlic scape pesto dressing and some sliced CSA radishes. And to add that balance of sweetness, “croutons” made of diced sweet potatoes really completed the meal. The grilled chicken made this a full entree but without it, this dish could have been a fantastic side or appetizer. One week down and I’m already loving this CSA!


2 Responses to CSALAD

  1. Angie says:

    Ricky – once again I read your blog while on my lunch break and once again I find myself rejecting my lunch because it is not nearly as amazing as your food! Sweet potato crutons?!?! DO TELL! I will DEFINITELY be making garlic scape pesto!

    • r1silver says:

      So when are you going to come to NY!

      Sweet potato croutons are everything you love about the bread kind. Crispy exterior. Soft interior. Simple as can be. Cut cubes in bite size and either roast them at a high temp. or if you feel adventurous, fry them in peanut oil! Just don’t forget to season them with salt!

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