Desayuno Para La Cena

Desayuno Para La Cena

When anyone goes anywhere on vacation, one of my first questions for them is, “So, what did you eat?” Eventually I want to hear about the beaches, the people, the activities, but food is first. I can’t help it. So when Emily got back from Costa Rica back in December, it wasn’t too long before I was hearing about desayuno.

Desayuno, or breakfast, is a big deal in most other countries. I’d argue that with the exception of Sunday Brunch, we’ve sorta lost track of breakfast as we eat more and more “breakfast on the go” type foods. But the pictures of the big plate breakfasts (that cost approximately nothing) were filled with fresh fruit, rice and beans, eggs, “pancakes”, and much more. And one of the greatest things about these breakfast plates were how dependent they were on fresh ingredients. If it wasn’t fresh, it wasn’t served. Trust me, I was jealous.

So when Em and I joked about having “breakfast for dinner” earlier this week, the pictures of desayuno flooded my brain, and I wasn’t about to make scrambled eggs and toast. I went all out for this one and the outcome was delicious. First, some spicy black beans with homemade corn cakes worked as a perfect bed for two over easy eggs. The running yolk goes well with just about anything but these corn cakes were the perfect thing to sop it up. Some diced mango and blueberries added that sweetness and refreshment and a little smashed avocado added a bit more richness. But it was my homemade breakfast sausage that really set this desayuno off!

Taking pork butt and grinding it myself with spices and brown sugar was not only easy but wildly delicious. It has become so easy to buy pre ground meat for burgers, meatloaf, and sausages but honestly, if you have a food processor or even better a meat grinder (or attachment for your stand mixer) you should try grinding your own. The flavor is fresher, bolder, and hey, you made your own sausage! Kinda awesome.


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