Silver Caterers: Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash!

Curry Egg Salad Bites w/ Pickled Leeks

This weekend I teamed up once again with Josh over at Y-I-EAT-N. Catering for a one year old’s birthday party, we managed to create a tremendous menu with diverse flavors, blending hot and cold finger foods that left the birthday boy’s  parents extremely happy. He seemed pretty pumped too, although it may be a few years until he can truly appreciate curry egg salad bites and thai peanut summer rolls. At least I think. Because as you can imagine, babies aren’t exactly my expertise… 

The menu was a truly collaborative effort and everything came out really great: 

Thai Peanut Summer Rolls

Buffalo Chicken Bites w/ Honey Blue Cheese

Shrimp Cakes w/ Roasted Corn and Red Pepper Coulis

Big Mac Sliders

Other items not pictured included a duo of brushettas (White Bean and Arugula, Tomato and Basil), my grilled vegetable panzanella, mexican pigs in the blanket, and a roasted sweet potato and apple puree for the Birthday Boy!


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