The List (Harvest) and Links

As I mentioned earlier in the week, we really had a great time in Montauk. And when we go back there is two things I can be sure of. We’ll be staying at the Ocean Resort Inn, and we’ll be eating at Harvest. Harvest was described to me prior to our weekend out there, as an awesome family style Italian restaurant. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I ate somewhere family style. Unfortunately it may have been at Vinny Testa’s in Wynnewood, so let’s just say I was looking forward to some new memories.

Harvest manages to create the vibe of a romantic, upscale restaurant all while catering to the casual atmosphere that permeates through this quant beach town. In simple terms, it’s very nice without being stuffy. And just like the decor, the food would not disappoint. We started off with a simple and delicious fried calamari salad for the table that makes you realize how so often in other restaurants, calamari is underwhelming. This was lightly battered, fried to perfection and served with lightly dressed greens that complimented the richness of the squid perfectly. And with a little fresh-baked bread, I knew we were in for a good meal.

For our entrees we shared two plates (remember, family style = giant portions). The first, a seafood brushetta, which contained all of my favorite shellfish, cooked perfectly in a light white wine broth served over garlic toast, which was amazing. I’m not going to assume all of that seafood was “wild caught” locally but there is something about eating seafood when you are at the beach. It’s incomparable. The second, a duck ragu served with broccoli rabe and pappardelle was equally amazing and complimented the seafood perfectly. Many menus now have a “ragu and pappardelle” dish on the menu. But so many of them are rich to the point of nausea. This version was light, and flavorful and truly memorable.

Point being, if you’re planning on heading out to Montauk anytime soon, book a reservation at Harvest. You won’t be disappointed. Now for some weekend links…

Cuban Sandwich Mac and Cheese Lasagna – What!? This may be the most brilliant thing ever created. Sounds so good and I can’t wait to try this out sometime soon. The problem is I will need to have a number of people over for this one. Otherwise I will eat the whole thing!

101 Best Sandwiches in New York – Thanks to my buddy Timmy who pointed this out to me. Although I will warn you that it’s a lot to go through. I wonder if there are any obvious ones you’ve had that you think they missed. And I also wonder how quickly (if there isn’t one already) someone will start a blog on “eating the 101 best sandwiches in new york”. Food bloggers are so annoying…

This just in, Chef’s smoke pot – I know this is from a week or two back but I had been wanting to mention it. Maybe it’s cause I live in New York and grew up in the Northeast, but honestly this article seems just a bit outdated and a bit silly. Sensory manipulation has impacted what we eat and how for all of time, so in that context, “haute stoner cuisine” doesn’t seem like much of revelation. What do you think?


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