Miso in Love with Appetizers

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’m on a serious appetizer kick. I grew up eating balanced dinners and so to this day I keep the starch, veg, protein trio on my brain when I’m cooking entrees. But apps lend a bit more freedom to the equation. And what you realize is, when you focus more on the balance of flavors and not the food pyramid, you can end up with amazingly memorable dishes that perfectly start off a meal. And if you aren’t in the mood to cook three course meals every night, here’s the secret. Just make more…

I bought red azuki miso not too long ago and I’ve been trying to use it for just about everything. So when I found these beautiful jumbo gulf shrimp (who know’s how long Gulf Shrimp will be available sans BP’s oil) at the market I had the perfect canvas to soak up that depth of flavor. Miso glazed shrimp served with sautéed sesame spinach and shitake mushrooms topped with pickled bell peppers and onions really hit the spot. And it may not sound like much but piling on a bit more of everything (after the picture was taken) easily sufficed as a fantastic dinner!


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