Memorial Day Cookout

If Memorial Day truly marks the start of the summer, then we are in for an awesome few months. We spent a beautiful weekend out in Montauk filled with great weather, great accommodations, and great friends… Oh yeah, and some awesome food. We had an amazing meal out at Harvest (review coming later this week) but what’s Memorial Day with out some grilling!

The Ocean Resort Inn, a gem of a hotel, situated right off of the beach, has a quant and comfortable courtyard filled with picnic benches and a communal grill, perfect for a post beach cook-out. And even though I love to get a bit creative with my meals, after a day in the sun and a few grapefruit margaritas, hot dogs and hamburgers hit the spot like no other.

And after this perfect summer meal (sides included grilled asparagus, pasta salad, pickles, and chips) we finished the night by our beach bonfire, toasting marshmallows, polishing off some more booze, and soaking in an awesome weekend. This is where the most brilliant culinary discovery was made. Because s’mores are fine, but honestly, they’re a bit boring….

Take one Tate’s Chocolate Chip cookie. Break it in half. Make a sandwich around your toasted marshmallow and try not to wet yourself in excitement! Amazing!

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day…Bring on the summer!


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