Late Night Diner (Where Everyone Knows My Name)

Before I moved to NY, I had aspirations of quickly becoming a “regular”. Maybe at the coffee shop, maybe at the bar, but never did I think the late night shift at the Lyric Diner would be where everyone knows my name. Okay, so maybe they don’t know my name, and sure they haven’t started putting my “Chicken Souvlaki” order in without me asking, but they recognize me…I’m sure of it.

And on my way home from work yesterday I developed a craving for those awesome greek flavors. But since I solely venture to the diner post 11 pm, I was on my own. I wanted a bit of everything which is why I decided to take the familiar flavors and twist them up a bit. First, my greek yogurt, cucumber, and red onion potato salad, surely to be on  a few of my summer menus, was perfectly reminiscent of the fresh white sauce so often paired with greek street food. With a bit of lemon and a heavy helping of olive oil, the potatoes sopped up the delicious flavors and worked really well with the rest of the meal.

Paprika, oregano, lemon juice, honey, and olive oil worked perfectly as a deeply flavorful marinade for some roasted chicken breasts and plus that color is undeniably enticing. And not to be overlooked were these simple spinach and feta stuffed tomatoes that brought all of the components together. The dinner was awesome but don’t worry Lyric Diner, I’ll see you this weekend!


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