Friends Don’t Let Friends…

…take photos of their food after they’ve been drinking at happy hour.

Turns out my food plating and photography skills (the bit that I have) are completely neutralized by a bunch of beers. But you don’t need a picture to appreciate how good the dinner was.

The night before I had made some curry mashed potatoes. I know there is always some debate over mashed potatoes but I’m a silky smooth kinda guy. My trusty food mill creates the most amazing texture and with roasted garlic and curry as flavor enhancers, these mashed potatoes were awesome. So when we made it home from the bar, hungry and not so interested in waiting, an awesome “breakfast for dinner” idea came to me.

Taking these delicate mashed potatoes and pan frying “cakes” in a bit of butter gave just enough crust to stand up to a column of flavor. Layering sauteed spinach, crispy salty bacon, and a fried egg atop the potato cakes created a eggs benedict like meal that satisfied all of our necessary cravings. The colors, the flavors, and the ease of this meal made it a perfect dish. The plating and the photography…not so much.


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