Fried Basil

As far as herbs go, is there anything better than basil? Particularly since it’s flavor works so well with so many flavors, I try to incorporate it when ever I can (remember these). But one thing I had never tried on my own, at least until last night, was fried basil. It’s an amazingly simple method that creates an unbelievable green, adds a bit of crunch, and all while keeping that wonderful taste at the forefront. But warning! If you’re not expecting it, and tend to be on the jumpy side, you may want to pass on frying basil.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it, but at the time I was not ready for the burst and pop effect. Basil leaves, just like any fresh herb or green is mostly water. Last time I checked oil and water don’t get along; let’s just say my pot of oil was sure to remind me of that. But after I changed my pants and plated this broccoli and portobello stir fry with a fried egg and topped it all with the fried basil, it was clearly worth it. The dish was bright in flavor, bright in color, and full of great basil flavor.


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