This is Why I Cook

I started this blog close to a year and a half ago to share my passion for cooking and to showcase the offerings of Silver Caterers. Though I’ve certainly branched out in terms of content, one thing has remained unchanged. I cook because there is nothing like preparing and sharing a meal for others. And there was no better example/reminder than this Mother’s Day Weekend.

I had the opportunity to cook for both my Mom and Emily’s Mom throughout the weekend and although they’d both agree that Mother’s Day should be everyday, it was nice to take the time to celebrate over some home cooked food and a few bottles of wine! Back in Philadelphia I put together a delicious meal that came mainly from the grill. Grilled sausages and skirt steak went great with my grilled vegetable “quinzanella”. You’ve seen my panzanella plenty of times, but substituting the bread for red quinoa was a nice alternative. With a salad of roasted broccoli and grilled mushrooms as the other side, it was tough to save room for my Mom’s amazing desserts, particularly her ice cream sandwich pie!

The next night, back on Long Island, I used an amazing recipe to put together a fantastic pasta dish. I normally don’t follow recipes, and I even tweaked this one a bit, but honestly this pistachio pesto was truly fantastic. The dish was packed with green veggies and candied pistachio and went perfectly with the grilled jumbo shrimp. Even I, the self proclaimed pesto non-enthusiast, couldn’t stop eating this dish! If you go ahead and try the recipe the few changes were: 1) make a full lb of pasta 2) use 1/2 cup olive oil for the pesto 3) add 1/2 cup of reserved pasta cooking water to help distribute the sauce and 4) feel free to add a bit more veggies. Otherwise, this recipe was spot on! But  just like the night before, the show was stolen by some amazing dessert! Nancy’s graham cracker mini-cakes with chocolate frosting were crazy good.

We always used to (and admittedly still do) poke fun of my Mom for her work stories that end with “this is why I teach!”, but after this weekend I can say without question…”This is why I cook!”.


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