Falafel Dog

Over the years I’ve developed the habit of writing down my ideas when it comes to food. But don’t call it a diary! It’s a food journal. And it’s funny to go back and read about the places I vowed to try, the recipes I was sure I’d make, or even the random restaurant names I’m convinced will one day exist. But all in all it has been extremely helpful. Let’s just say my short-term memory isn’t a strong suit of mine. So when I came up with this one over a few beers the other night, it’s a good thing I wrote it down.

Sure enough, two of the best cheap eats in NYC are even better when they are together. This Falafel wrapped Andouille (was going to use a hot dog but I found these amazing  sausages) worked way better than I ever thought it would. With the corn dog as inspiration, wrapping the sausage with my homemade falafel mix and frying in safflower oil proved to be a fantastic idea. I made a quick sauce of greek yogurt, roasted red pepper, and cucumber that gave just enough freshness to pair with the hearty Falafel Dog. I’m excited to give this one a go in the “mini” form for catering hors devours and even go back and see what else I can add.

Maybe I need to start checking my diary journal more often….


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