And They’re Off!

What is it about horse racing, particularly the Kentucky Derby, that manages to get the majority of people so passionate for two minutes of competition? Well there’s the gambling, the emotional stories, and the breath-taking excitement but you can get that elsewhere. So what else could it be? If you ask me….Silly hats and liquor!

Cooking for a Kentucky Derby party gave me some conciliation for my horse, Line of David, surging out to the second position only to fall back (out of camera view) by the half way point. Let’s just say I’m a better cook than a gambler. And I’m becoming a pretty damn good bartender as well.

Mint Juleps are a given, but for those a bit timid of the bourbon, I put together some grapefruit Margaritas that are just enough tart, and just enough strong. Even those who avoid tequila, due to taste or due to memories, can’t help but enjoy this drink. But with all this liquor flowing, there better have been some food.

Google “Kentucky Foods” and you won’t be thrilled with what you find. KFC and Hot Browns aren’t exactly party impressive so I decided to stick with a southern homestyle theme that worked just perfectly. I slow cooked these baby back ribs and finished them with a nice slathering of my homemade korean bbq sauce. Paired  with some jalapeno and cheddar grits, a rustic mustard slaw, and blue cheese cornbread (the last two coming from the help of Nikki), this meal was a hit, for the gambling winners and losers.

 Here’s to Silly Hats and Liquor!


4 Responses to And They’re Off!

  1. Y-I-Eat-N says:

    For the life of me I cannot seem to make a good cornbread, anyway I can get a good recipe?
    The ribs look delicious and nothing like a good mustard slaw.

    • r1silver says:

      My best corn bread has always come from reducing the quanity of dry ingredients in the recipe. Most recipes I’ve found are a bit dry and this tends to help out. I also prefer a more savory corn bread so any recipe with a ton of sugar, I tend to avoid.

  2. Nikki says:

    Ribs were awesome! I used sour cream in the corn bread and milk.

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