Going Green…

Green pasta that is. Made from ingredients bought at the Green Market. And honestly, it was complete coincidence that when I finally made it down to Union Square to take part in the RampRage that goes on every spring, it was just in time for Earth Day. On a day that some love to participate while others love to hate, I have the perfect solution…

Homemade Ramp Fettuccini with Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Day Boat Cod

Okay so maybe it’s not the solution for Global Warming but it’s pretty damn delicious. This RampRage I alluded to has been growing throughout the years. Ramps, also sometime called Wild Leeks, pop up right as Spring begins and are gone before you can get your fix. A flavor blend of everything I love about onions, garlic, and greens people go crazy when they first appear. But to be honest, I’ve never really done much more than a quick saute. But this year I got a little more adventurous as I added sautéed ramps directly into my homemade egg pasta.

Homemade pasta on its own is fantastic but with the ramps it was another level. I slow roasted a few tomatoes (the beginning of the season tomatoes are great when cooked down for a few hours), and sautéed a bit more of the ramps with local button mushrooms and tossed everything together with olive oil and gruyère. Topped with a beautiful pan seared day boat cod, also from the Green Market, this dish was the ultimate Spring meal.

Happy Earth Day!


2 Responses to Going Green…

  1. Angie says:

    AH!!! I want this!!! When can I come eat your food???

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