Ants on a Log

You’ve probably had this snack before. Most likely it was when your parents felt you’ve been skimping out on your vegetables. But you can smother just about anything in peanut butter and top it with raisins and it will taste good. I honestly still love “ants on a log” but rarely remember to make it. So I can’t tell you how excited I was when I came across this…

One of my favorite food blogs, Macheesmo does a great job of providing solid information on delicious looking food. But homemade peanut butter! Why didn’t I think of that.

It is truly amazing how easy this is. Put a bag of roasted and salted peanuts in a food processor and blend. That’s it. I took the advice and added about a tbsp of canola oil to get the ball rolling but it’s up to you. The consistency was perfect and after a tiny pinch of salt and one last blend, this peanut butter was amazing. True peanut flavor.


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