Franks and Beans

If I ever open a restaurant, this dish will be on it. In fact it was so good I might name the place after it. 

So let this post serve as my first claim on the future eclectic, comfort food restaurant….Franks and Beans.

In a culinary world where the manipulation of the senses has become more and more mainstream (see WD-50, Alinea, and El Bulli), one thing still holds true. If it tastes good, I’ll eat it. Don’t get me wrong, the work of this relatively new breed of chefs blows me away. The care and attention that goes in to a single dish, the thought and analysis that goes into the serving, and the total experience one gets from one of these epic meals can be truly eye-opening. But you can’t eat like this everynight. In fact you probably can’t eat like this all that often.

Which is why Franks and Beans is so great. The only manipulation here, is that of expectation. Clearly this dish is not what you and I have become accustomed to thinking of when we hear Franks and Beans. In fact, you probably don’t even think about food thanks to “There’s Something About Mary”. But if you were thinking about food, you wouldn’t be thinking about these delicious teriyaki chicken sausages served with a broccoli and onion stir fry cooked with fermented azuki beans.

Fermented beans may sound a bit odd but I’m sure you’ve all had miso…Yep, fermented soybeans. The fermentation leads to all sorts of healthy benefits that brands like Activia have been trying to mimic with their yogurt. But it’s the flavor that I love. Deep and rich, this fermented azuki bean paste added amazing depth to the meal that had just enough substance from the sausages.

So there it is…the first dish on the menu…FRANKS AND BEANS! FRANKS AND BEANS!


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