Birthdays and Cocktails

Thank you so much for all of those who made it out to my surprise party this Saturday and thanks to all of those who didn’t but still sent their birthday wishes through the interweb. One thing is for sure: Cheese puffs, funfetti, and “the sportsman” beer and whiskey special is all this guy needs to have an awesome birthday. Thanks eveyone!

Now back to food…well sort of.

My brother and sister in law made it up to NY this weekend so we took them to our new favorite brunch spot, Resto. If you are an avid Grub Street reader you may remember the feature on their hangover pasta special. I haven’t worked up the courage or the hangover worthy of the pasta dish but everything else we have had is spot on delicious! But it was the cocktails that Steve and I ordered that really got me pumped. First, the brewdriver, a wheat bear with a splash of orange juice takes the popular Blue Moon and orange wedge to the next level. I didn’t see how much OJ they added but they’ve got the ratio down.

I on the other hand ordered the fairly polarizing but definitely classic brunch cocktail, the bloody mary. I’ve grown to love bloody marys but rarely do I attempt to make my own. I’ve just never mastered the right proportions. (Ask me about when we roasted our own tomatoes…) Well luckily for me, Resto has. This was by far the best bloody mary I have ever had. Spicy, flavorful, and plenty alcoholic, their bloody mary is garnished with an olive and pickled okra, a much welcomed upgrade from the typical celery stalk. Just one more reason to head to Resto for brunch.

But cocktails didn’t end there. Later on, my brother introduced me to what will surely be my go to summer drink. The “wreck on the rocks” features three types of rum (Light Rum, Coconut Rum, Mango Rum) and Rose’s Lime Juice. Yes, that is it. Equal proportions of each of the four go into this drink that should be consumed with caution. But somehow with all that alcohol, just like a Long Island Ice Tea, the “wreck on the rocks” tastes fantastic. Sort of a margarita meets rum punch, I certainly suggest making these with the warm weather coming!


2 Responses to Birthdays and Cocktails

  1. Boner says:

    That brewdriver is a rich man’s brass monkey. Ricky I recommend the following if you never had one: a country club 40 (drank down to the top of the label) filled with tropicana OJ – delish.

  2. r1silver says:

    I have tried it once. It makes no sense and yes it is delicious.

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