Cheesesteak is #2

On our way down to DC this past weekend we made a late night stop in my hometown of Philadelphia. It had been a while but the deliciousness that is a Philly Cheesesteak was calling our names. And although real cheesesteak lovers tend to find their favorite at one of the lesser known sandwich shops, when a first timer is present, you have to take them to the institutions…

Because neither of Pat’s or Geno’s steaks are my favorite it has become easier to decide between the two (although I will admit to demolishing both in one sitting…a number of times). If the lines are equal, I go with Pat’s mainly because Geno’s signage is a bit over the top. And by a bit over the top I mean…we’ll see for yourself…

The cheesesteak was delicious and after years of attempted persuasion, Emily is hooked! But what if I told you that the cheesesteak wasn’t even the best Philly sandwich available. That’s right. I’m talking about the Roast Pork sandwich. Succulent pork topped with broccoli rabe cooked in garlic and olive oil topped with provolone all stuffed in one of the classic rolls. Unbelievable! Classic, simple Italian flavors makes this sandwich the best in Philly and despite the late night cheesesteak, a new craving had emerged!

These Italian flavors have always been my favorite as I’ve grown up on them. Now this may seem surprising since I am not Italian (just in case the Matzo Ball soup wasn’t a dead giveaway) but I’ve been loving broccoli rabe, garlic, and olive oil forever! So in an ode to my favorite sandwich of all time I made this delicious rendition. A bone in pork chop covered in broccoli rabe, carmelized onions and garlic, all topped with mozzarella cheese. This was a meal that even Tony Luke would approve of. The flavors were perfect, the portion was large, and the ingredients truly represented a Philly classic. Amazing!


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