Going Vegetarian

Yep, it’s true. I decided to be a vegetarian….

Well, that is for last nights dinner. And if you are a consistent reader or a good friend, you probably aren’t surprised my temporary diet won’t stick. I can easily attribute my resistance to the all veggie diet to my love for just about any fish, fowl, livestock, and game I can get my hands on. Remember that pig skin? But I’m also pretty adamant about the role meat and seafood play in our nutrition. Unfortunately the argument has been clouded by a low quality meat industry flooded with horror stories. But that’s a conversation for another day.

My reasons for going veggie last night (and actually more often than you’d think) are quite simple. Too much meat! Between the fresh ham and the delicious surf and turf (Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Ginger Lime Shrimp: not pictured) we cooked up the night before, I was feeling a bit slow. But just because our meal was going to be centered around vegetables, I wasn’t about to sacrifice flavor and sustenance.

Stuffed Cabbage is one of my favorite foods. Often filled with meat and rice, these pockets of flavor can be seasoned and served in a million ways. I thought about swapping some veggies for the meat and calling it a day but I was afraid the rice would be the overwhelming piece to the filling. Chickpeas proved to be the perfect substitute. They added great flavor and the protein I was missing. The rest of the filling was made up of chopped roasted brocoli (which I am putting in just about everything for now on), arugula, and some fresh mozzarella cheese. When slow cooked in the oven in a adobo seasoned tomato sauce, my stuffed cabbages game together perfectly. We agreed they weren’t the most attractive looking things, but they sure as hell tasted good.


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