10 lbs, 5 people

Another stir fry? This is what I’m sharing with you after a long beautiful weekend?

Well this just isn’t any stir fry. And this post isn’t about just any meal….

If you have ever cooked a fresh ham before I apologize for the dramatics. But if you haven’t, let me do some explaining. Fresh ham is not that pinkish, salty sweet meat on your ham and cheese. Fresh ham is not the cured and served “spiral” holiday meal many of us remember. So what the hell is Fresh Ham?

Enormous, Tremendous, and Delicious.

Essentially the same cut of pork as the cured versions we most often think of, fresh ham is best when roasted with the thick layer of fat and skin sealing in the moisture. Cooked much like your Thanksgiving turkey, fresh ham can be seasoned to your liking but is just perfect with a bit of pork pan gravy and a little applesauce. But the most interesting part of the meal was the skin. (See the skin sculpture below) Yes, we ate the skin. As the pork roasts the skin becomes super crispy. With just a bit of sea salt and a tad more roasting, the skin was an interesting mix of delicious and dangerous. Luckily there were no broken teeth. This was our delicious Easter dinner.

But remember how I mentioned the enormity of the Fresh Ham.

The ham was 10 lbs. There was five of us. That’s too much. But turns out leftover fresh ham is even more exciting than the leftover turkey. The delicious pork meat made my stir fry unbelievable particularly with the eggplant and string beans adding some color and texture. All cooked in my now signature stir fry sauce bringing a bit of heat and a ton of flavor, this had to be one of my favorites.

Here’s to Fresh Ham!


One Response to 10 lbs, 5 people

  1. Josh says:

    Ham is easily my favorite thing to eat and being depraved of it growing up Jewish whenever I had the chance to grab leftovers from my christian friends I always did. Nothing like a fresh baked honey glazed hame, waaaaay better then any deli ham you could ever imagine. It is a meal within it self, requires no sauces or anything.

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