Gonna Be a Great Weekend

I’m heading out to Long Island for the weekend for some outdoor cooking and the only thing that makes outdoor cooking better…beer! So enjoy the weather, have a good Holiday and get cooking.

Some links to get you through your friday…

Give me that filet of fish... – Or I’ll kill you. Well at least that’s what one McDonalds customer threatened. I’ve eaten a few things that I would consider fighting for, but a McDonald’s Filet of Fish? Geez.

Now we are all addicts – I can just hear it now… “Saturday I saw this guy in the bathroom at Spitzer’s gorging on a line of Fried Chicken. Sounds ridiculous but it’s not shocking that fatty foods would have similar impacts of a drug addiction.

Leave your tripods at home – This article rings true for me. I try my best to give you great reviews of some of the restaurants I venture to but I rarely attach food photos anymore. Sure you can snap a quick shot but at what cost? Are you really enjoying the meal, and more importantly your company if your busy snapping away. And hey, if Grant Achatz is commenting on it, then I must be on to something.


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