Spring Cleaning

No, this wasn’t a mustard tasting. This was just another reminder of how badly I needed to clean out the fridge. Call it spring cleaning if you’d like, but it’s been long over due. Luckily long gone are the days spent gasping at what was capable of growing on my leftovers and produce. I haven’t discovered some antimicrobial silver bullet, but I have stopped buying so many damn groceries. I used to stock the fridge with weekly shopping trips only to find myself trashing a bunch or forgetting what I had, and either way ending up with a bunch of boring dinners. Daily shopping trips may not be convenient for some but it keeps my spending and waste down and ensures my dinners have some creativity to them. This methodology hasn’t helped everything however… as there is never a need for four mostly empty bottles of mustard…

Along with my “spring” cleaning, I came to another realization: I have to start making my own breakfast. I’m generally out the door at 7:20 and unfortunately I’m just not that hungry then. But the amount of money I’ve been pumping into Dishes in Grand Central Station is a bit absurd. Oh yeah, and I hate anything overtly sweet during breakfast. Enter whole wheat cheddar cheese scones!

I’ve been wanting to make my own scones for a while now because I think they combine everything I love about a muffin and a biscuit; neither of which I’m all that into for an everyday breakfast. These scones are delicious with a bit of fruit preserves or even with just a little butter. The cheddar adds a bit of richness and some savory flavor but next time I’m definitely going to dial in a bit more flavor. Maybe a few diced up apples or even a bit of jalapeno. Either way, these are cheap and portable and the perfect solution to my breakfast concerns.

What about you? What do you fuel up on in the morning?


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