Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

This weekend I caught my first glimspe of the new ABC reality series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. There has been a reasonable amount of hype surrounding the show but for those of you who haven’t heard of it, this is the basic premise. Jamie Oliver, a recent TED prize recipient and famous chef, has taken it upon himself to change the way our country eats, starting with “the fattest town in the country”, Huntington WV. With a major focus on the current school systems inability to provide healthy meals, along with the collapse of the family meal back in our homes, Jamie is set on changing the game. But even with similar successes achieved in the UK, his approach and beliefs will surely be challenged.

Bottom line. This is a reality show. Therefore their isn’t a lack of drama. But after only two episodes I can tell you this show is worth watching. I have always been a huge fan of Jamie’s cooking style. Thumb through his cookbooks next time you are in the book store. He’s not preaching health food in the way we’ve been programmed to think about it. It’s not a “eat this, not that” approach but rather a “eat fresh, and homecooked” approach. To him, it’s about getting rid of the processed food, getting back into the kitchen, and taking control of the terrible health situation that we as a country are facing. I couldn’t agree more…

For me there were two seriously impactful moments within the first two episodes. Like I said, this is reality TV so let’s not forget that. But, when Jamie takes one particular family under his wing, he’s taken aback at the weekly intake of food. This scene has been on the trailer and commercials leading up to the show. He and the mother prepare a week’s worth of frozen pizzas, corn dogs, nachos, nuggets, waffles and much more and place it all on the table. The shear volume of food is enough to make anyone gag. And when Jamie points out the overwhelming color of the food is brown, you realize this family needs some serious help. The other major head scratching moment happened when Jamie had the opportunity to teach a 1st grade class. One by one, he asked the kids what a number of different vegetables were. Eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, beets…you name it and these kids had no idea. When he suggested that french fries came from potatoes, the looks of bewilderment filled the room.

Again, I know this is reality tv, but the principles being discussed are truly at the heart the problem. I’m looking forward to following the show’s progress along with supporting the revolution from a distance. Having grown up with a teacher (now an elementary school principle) as a Mom, the connection between good food choices and our schools seriously hits home. And despite the show’s fairly frequent and somber revelations, it is easy to be inspired. Inspired that we have the abililty to make choices that seriously impact our health, and the health of those we care about.

Now enough with my rant…more delicious food to come…


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