In need of some lunch help…and some links

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then lunch has to be the most frustrating. Particularly if you have a designated lunch break or even a self regulated window, lunch poses all sorts of dilemnas. Depending on your situation you may focus more on the money spent versus money saved. Or maybe it’s the repititive nature of what’s around you. For example, even when I was working smacked betwen the east and west villages I felt the lunch boredom set in. Trust me, just because the scenario changes, a thai lunch special, is a thai lunch special. And on top of all that there’s the fairly common food coma most associated with the mid day meal. It may not be official at the moment but 1-2 pm in most offices should be dubbed nap time. And yes, I am serious. So what do you do for lunch? How do you deal with these dilemnas? I’ve been trying my best to bring my own meals in order to save some dough but as you know, I’m not the best with eating leftovers. So that’s why I want your suggestions….cause I know I’m not the only one that could use them.

And some random links…

Fast Food March Madness – So Good Blog did this with Meat last year and I’m glad I found this year’s version. I’m a bit late in posting but you can still get involved with the voting and considering there are some pretty great regional fast food joints listed, it should be interested to see which Cinderella stories march on. Could Boston Market be the St. Mary’s or Cornell that ruins everyone’s bracket? I’d like to see it happen.

Amazing shelf life achieved – Most of the time this is considered a good thing by the food industry. This time I’m not so sure McDonald’s PR team will be thrilled. Honestly this is pretty gross. Can’t really say much about it. Can’t say I’ll never eat fast food the rest of my life, but that being said…

Great Hash Browns – I really love this article because it takes something most homecooks have struggled with at some point and provides a great explanation and guidance on how to fix the problem. The reason this is so great is because good potatoes take any decent breakfast and push it over the top. Particularly when there is a diner on every block in the city, good potatoes can be all it takes for a return visit.


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