Whole Roasting…

After raving about the Fried Whole Snapper at Mamacita’s I realized I hadn’t worked with whole fish all that often. Even when I’ve gone fluke fishing, I’ve always ended up cleaning and filleting the fish before cooking. That is when I’ve actually caught something.  So when I saw this Branzino at the market I thought I’d give it a shot.

The clear advantage to cooking anything whole is the depth of flavor that develops. If you’ve ever had a whole roasted pig or lamb you get what I’m saying. And honestly the best way to get that flavor from whole roasting is with minimal seasoning. I used rosemary salt, pepper, thyme and slices of lime to roast this Branzino and the outcome was amazing. I ended up making a simple sauce from fire roasted tomatoes and Bulgarian feta (no idea why Bulgarian feta is so good but it is) to go along with the fish. Served with roasted brocoli and portobellos and topped with some quick pan fried leeks this dinner further proved what I already knew. I’ve got to start buying whole fish way more often…


One Response to Whole Roasting…

  1. jojo says:

    i’ve been cooking whole red snapper a lot for my clients…all it really needs is olive oil, white wine, salt and pepper, and some lemon slices inside and out. YUM.

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