Kitchen Waste

One of the biggest challenges we face as home cooks is to control waste and spoilage. I’ve gotten extremely good at utilizing just about everything I purchase and have started to take extra attention with how I keep the few items in my pantry (i.e. rice, flour, sugar, etc.). But my number one source of waste still presents a challenge.

I hate leftovers. Well actually, I love other people’s leftovers. Leftover chinese, a half a turkey sandwich, homemade meatballs…whatever it is, it probably won’t be there when you come looking for it. But I’m talking about my leftovers. The problem is, I just get bored. If you remember when I did the $15/15 challenge my biggest frustration came from the repitition of eating chicken soup over and over again. Soups present the greatest level of difficulty because of the shear quantity you make them in. But I hate to freeze because I always forget…

So with that in mind, I’m always thinking about ways to reuse my soups. The potato soup I made the other night was easy. Thicken it up a bit, and add a few new flavors and you’ve got an amazing sauce, perfect for a grilled steak. In this case I used cheaters skirt steak. I call it cheaters steak because it’s just about the easiest thing in the world to cook and has more flavor than pretty much any cut. Oh yeah, and it’s cheap. Using flavors like poblano pepper and chile, this steak and sauce combination worked perfectly with a roasted radish and radish green salad; a combination of mellow and bold flavors brought the whole dish together. I think this meal is a great example of how quality ingredients, a few choice flavors, and a little imagination is all it takes to limit kitchen waste. I still have a bit more soup, but with a bit of the extra poblanos, I’ll be sure to have a great lunch.


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