Back from Vacation…

I’m back! Okay so I forgot to tell you I was going away but that’s because I was so pumped for my trip to Culebra. What a ridiculously beautiful and absurdly peaceful island! Before we had gone, most of our friends or random web reviewers suggested that you go to Culebra to do nothing. So nothing is exactly what we did! That is, except enjoy the amazing weather, lay in the sun on Playa Flamenco, drink rum punch, and eat at Mamacita’s, the fantastic bar/restaurant right on the canal (and right next to our guest house).

And honestly, the food at Mamacita’s was a good reminder of how the best food need not be elaborate. Fresh fish cooked perfectly (see the remnants of that Fried Whole Red Snapper), seasoned simply and paired with tostones (smashed and fried plantains) or rice and beans couldn’t be better when washed down with a margarita. You could count the number of ingredients on one hand, there wasn’t an elaborate sauce in sight, and all combined with what can only be described as the perfect outdoor patio made Mamacita’s truly memorable. Bottom line, next time you’re looking for a vacation, consider Culebra and let me know, cause I might come with you…

As always, a great meal (or this case a great number of meals) gets me real excited to be back in my own kitchen. And on top of that, vacation always makes me crave those familiar flavors of home. Whether it’s a burger, thai food, or even pasta, comfort food is always the first thing on my mind when arriving back in NY. So keeping with the “simplicity is key” mantra from Culebra I managed to make exactly what I was looking for (albeit a bit lighter). This salmon and brussel sprout stir fry had my favorite thai flavors while combining these relatively non-traditional ingredients. But don’t let the thought of brussel sprouts make you question this dish because the unique flavor and texture was just what the chunks of king salmon needed.

So now I’m back, the weather is great, and I’ve still got Culebra on the mind. That can only mean one thing. You’ll be seeing a lot more where this stir fry came from…


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