Are we there yet?

I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed winter. But after the weather we had this weekend…I’m ready for Spring.

I know the cold isn’t completely gone because it never is this time of year. We always get lured into thinking the winter is over after the first few warmer days but then it hits us like a ton of bricks. And trust me, I’m always the idiot caught jacketless, cruising the streets in flip flops when it comes. But it’s not just the change in wardrobe and sun light into the night that’s got me excited. It’s the food!

Spring food is great for a ton of reasons but especially because winter food gets boring. There are only so many recipes incorporating root vegetables and dark greens that I can deal with. But since I’ve been trying to shop as seasonal as possible, I refuse to trick myself into thinking that asparagus and tomatoes are ripe for the picking. So consider this salad a bridge to the seasonal gap that is the month of March. Roasted brussel sprouts tossed with bacon and fresh spinach paired perfectly with grillled chicken, hard boiled egg, and sliced avocado. The  flavors are familiar and worked really well with the homemade ginger soy dressing. A delicious dinner reminding me that Spring is just around the corner. At least I hope…


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