What’s for Dinner?

Sometimes they can spark from a particular smell or even a familiar conversation. And most of the times they develop from out of nowhere. But no matter where food cravings come from, they are the culinary version of a song stuck in your head. Yet, the majority of what I end up cooking stems from a bunch of scattered thoughts; what’s available, what’s fresh, what’s reasonable, and what haven’t I had in a while? That seems fairly obvious. But then there are those nights where there is no choice necessary. No decision making required. Those are the nights that for whatever reason, I have an insatiable food craving and whether I make it myself or track it down in the city, I must eat…

Well, at least that’s what I was craving yesterday. The funny thing about this craving was that I can’t even remember the last time I ate at a Boston Market; although I’m pretty sure I had a chicken carver sandwich. There was certainly something about the comforting rotisserie chicken and choice of sides that gave the franchise their success (at least from what I remember), but this craving wouldn’t require a store locator> Because these comfort favorites are made even better in the home kitchen.

My roasted Murray’s chicken was smothered in a dijon mustard marinade and roasted until the skin was crisp and the meat was juicy. Paired with roasted rosemary and ginger (an amazing combination) sweet potatoes and feta and creamed spinach (a more flavorful version of the classic), the chicken meal worked perfectly to resolve my yearning. Because despite the enjoyment that comes from everyday home cooking, there is nothing better than creating craving squashing meals. This one was so good that I sure hope to be craving Boston Market in the near future.


2 Responses to What’s for Dinner?

  1. Rich Myrlak says:

    What temperature do you like to roast your bird at? I’ve been trying out 425 lately.

    • r1silver says:

      I generally start at 425 and reduce the temp after a half hour. I find it gets the skin nice and crispy but keeps the bird a bit juicier!

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