A Bottle of Red

Last week was a crazy one, and as a result I didn’t get to cook a whole lot (as you can tell by the lack of postings). But when Friday came around, along with another Northeast hammering of snow, I found myself with plenty of time and plenty of wine. If you are running out for bottled water, milk and eggs when your local weather man starts predicted blizzards and wind storms, I’d like to offer you the following alternative: Nothing makes a snow storm more enjoyable quite like a bottle of red wine.

So with a motivation to get back into the kitchen, and a re-stocking from a Trader Joe’s wine store visit, the cards were set for a great meal. I’ve been raving about the Christmas gifts that have re-shaped my kitchen experiences (see mandoline and food mill), but one of the best gifts I received has remained relatively un-used. The cuisinart food processor was one of those items I have always wanted but always tried to do with out. But no matter how many smaller and cheaper alternatives I’ve tried, the food processor stands alone. One of the greatest features has to be the shredding attachment. Particularly for cheese and vegetables, the shredding feature gives you ridiculous quick and easy uniformed cuts for just about anything. Here I used the processor to make a red cabbage and yellow beet slaw for the pan roasted salmon and sweet potato puree. Balanced and delicious! And in the midst of another winter storm, this lighter meal gave us the comfort for the cold. Or maybe that was the red wine…


2 Responses to A Bottle of Red

  1. Your slaw sounds great! Did you cook the beets at all before shredding them or are they raw?

    I’ve been wanting to get a food processor for the past few weeks and have been scared off by lots of bad reviews on Amazon. I’d love to get your thoughts on your Cuisinart, even if you’ve only had it for a short time.

    I absolutely LOVE latkes and want to be able to shred up a ton of potatoes. It seems like a food processor would be a dream come true!

  2. r1silver says:

    Beets were raw. They are perfect for a slaw!

    Honestly, I have nothing but great things to say about the cuisinart. The newer ones come with all of the accessories (different blades including a dough mixing blade) and I find you can use them for just about anything. It would be perfect for those potatoes!

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