Thinking about CSAs

A growing trend in the local food world is the CSA. A Community Supported Agriculture program creates a shared responsibility and benefit for both farmer and home cook. By paying upfront, you aid the farmer in the necessary costs for growing great and local produce. In return, over the course of the summer (generally about 20 weeks), a shipment of fresh picked produce is delivered to an outpost to be picked up for home cooking enjoyment! At first glance the prices can seem high but honestly, most of them work out to $10-20 a week. If you are buying produce consistently, you realize how reasonable this really is. The big turn off for many is the lack of control over what you get. Instead of browsing the grocery store, a box containing pre-picked items is delivered. But think about it this way. The produce you are receiving is picked when your local farmer deems it perfect. And the variety of ingredients you receive will be sure to advance your skills and experiences. This is the first year I will be joining a CSA and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. I’ll obviously keep you up to date but if you are interested do a quick search, they are located all over!

A Few Links…

No Dirt, No Problem – This article is pretty fascinating. It focuses on an apparently growing movement of farming known as Aquaponics. Essentially the waste generated by the fish in the tanks support the growth of the produce and plants. No dirt necessary!

You’ve got to see the baby…carrots – I’m not sure if this video is meant to freak us out, but either way it’s an answer to a question I’ve always had, but have never asked.


2 Responses to Thinking about CSAs

  1. Sandra says:

    Yay! That’s great that you’re going to join one!

  2. Tammy McLeod says:

    I hope you enjoy participating in a CSA. The benefits are numerous and it’s a healthy alternative for you and your community. Another great link is

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