What’s your favorite breakfast?

We are always being told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well which one? There’s the “crap I forgot to eat something” muffin and coffee on the street and the “this stinks but I guess it’s good for me” oatmeal to go. And then there’s even the “I need twenty egg sandwiches and three gatorades immediately” hangover cure (not to be confuzed with the “cheese ommelete and mozzarella sticks. please!” late night hangover prevention). But no matter how you rate the importance of breakfast, nothing beats the “sleeping in” homemade Sunday brunch.

Recently I’ve been taking advantage of a bunch of the great brunch options in NY, but after making this amazing Challah French Toast, I may have to reconsider. This doesn’t mean I’m going to become solely reliant on my own kitchen for great big breakfasts, but it has inspired me to tackle some of the classics (I just have to remember to re-stock on coffee). What really made this french toast so amazing? It was the crust! Many restaurants will add almonds or pecans, and sometimes even corn flakes but I went with what I had. Granola like, kashi cereal added just enough sweetness and a ton of great crunch to this otherwise simple preparation. Fresh strawberries and blueberries added even more flavor to the plate that was just begging for maple syrup or even better, a pile of whipped cream.


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