Happy Birthday Steve (And Pres Lincoln)


The only thing better than long weekends, are long weekends with tons of stuff to do. Although I may be tempted to catch some of the Winter Olympics and maybe even some of the NBA All Star events, I’m most excited to celebrate my older brother’s birthday. Oh yeah, and then there’s Valentines Day. I guess it’s a good thing we have Monday to recover…who knows, maybe I’ll even get some cooking in.

Valentines Day Dessert – If your big into Valentine’s Day, I think there is something to be said for choosing to stay in and getting in the kitchen to prepare a special meal (ideally even together). Most of the restaurants offer rip off price fixed “special” meals that never really meet expectations. But if you already have reservations, skip dessert and try this one at home.

Drink OJ, Get Rewards – Remember the article about how we should stop drinking OJ? Well if you are like me, and think the article is nuts, you probably buy a decent amount of orange juice. Well, Tropicana just began a new rewards program (you may have noticed the newer cartons). Check it out!

Boys have asparagus, girls have avocados – I’d love to know the number of google hits for “aphrodisiac” during the week leading up to Valentines day. This NY Times dining section article is kind of funny and kind of interesting. Spoiler Alert: Despite the title, there seems to be no conclusive “edible viagra”. But it does make an interest point about the visuals and the smells associated with certain foods. Who knew good and plenty mixed with cucumber…


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