Fish and Chips and Beer

I’ve realized I’ve been making a ton of bar food recently. Granted most of my twists on the typical bar foods are more conducive to home cooking, but either way it’s a great excuse for a drink…

“Drinking a little every day is better than drinking a lot on the weekends, and drinking with food is better than drinking without it.”  Michael Pollan

But why is it that we love bar food so much? Well its pretty simple actually (at least in my mind). Most bar food is fried and nostalgic. We can handle nostalgic at home but frying poses all sorts of problems. If your not going to be frying in large quantities purchasing the amount of oil can seem a bit unneccessary. And then theres the clean up. It’s the reason why most of us get our fixes by eating out. But it doesn’t have to be fried to be delicious.

This version of fish and chips turned out so good. Using my new mandoline (another awesome Christmas present), I was able to slice these sweet potatoes thinly enough to get crispy on the outside (baked in the oven) and with a look reminiscent of ruffles. And the fish? It’s the crispy exterior that goes so well with the flaky fish that were used to. So I pan roasted spanish mackerel topped with seasoned panko held on by a homemade honey mustard. The total combination was so good, especially when paired with a nice cold beer.


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