Who Dat gonna eat this chili?

What a game! Honestly, whether you are a football fanatic or not, you had to enjoy last nights Super Bowl victory by the Saints. The NFL has produced some pretty memorable championships as of late and Saints/Colts did not dissapoint. Too bad the commercials stunk…

So what did you chow down on during the game? Pizza, wings, loaded dips, hoagies, chips, and all things fried have become a staple of our Super Sunday and arguably gets people more excited than the game itself. I’ve gone in a bunch of different directions in years past ranging from making everything (wings, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries) all from scratch to ordering delivery straight to the couch. In the first case I didn’t catch a moment of the game, and in the second case I ended up starving as my food arrived just in time to watch David Tyree make the craziest catch of all time. It’s nice to find a balance and get the cooking done in advanced.

This year I made the most amazing chili. Braised short ribs and chicken thighs cooked all day in beer and spices until they were ready to be shredded and mixed with adobo and four different kinds of beans. Coming from a self proclaimed Chili failure, I was shocked how good this turned out. Unfortunately our crowd grew in numbers, and rather than risk the rath of unfed friends, I decided to pack up the chili for the week. (Okay, also it was so good I was reluctant to share). But I’m back in the sharing mood. Post a comment about what your favorite game food is, or thoughts on some of your favorite commercials, if you had any and I’ll send you the recipe card for this amazing Chili!


One Response to Who Dat gonna eat this chili?

  1. Nancy says:

    I’m afraid that my “traditional” chili would have paled next to your combo of short ribs, chicken thighs and the bean bonanza! I’m thinking I might need this recipe. PS yes, great game…glassware was flying around the room!

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