Sunday Supper: Moules Frites

Long ago, in homes far, far away from “The Jersey Shore”, real housewives of all counties made family meals a priority; breakfast, lunch and dinner were about more than just refueling. Sharing in both the process and the sustenance traces back to our earliest history as a people, yet more and more often we  fall victim to the eat quickly, and mainly alone dining experience. There may not be a cure all solution for your schedule but even a small shift towards the “past” can result in amazing new revelations in what food means for your health, both physically and mentally.

One of my New Year’s Focuses (resolutions scare me), is the “Sunday Supper”. I’ve always enjoyed cooking because of the enjoyment that comes with sharing your creation. But “Sunday Suppers” are about more than one person’s contribution. Whether you are chopping vegetables, baking a dessert, or pouring the wine, the collective effort is what makes a “Sunday Supper” so enjoyable.

Last night marked the first of many Sunday Suppers and it was collaborative from the very beginning. When I suggested buying some mussels earlier in the day, Emily reminded me of that sweet potato sitting on our counter. As she said, the only thing better than mussels, is mussels with fries! We prepared the mussels with fennel, white wine, and arugula and served them with our sweet potato wedges and curry mayo. The first delicious meal of many Sunday Suppers to come!

Moving forward I plan on taking this to the next level setting up once a month gatherings of friends and family to prepare a Sunday Supper. So if you are interested leave a comment below, or shoot me an email. But in the meantime, when your schedule permits, make sure your meals are about more than just eating. I promise, you won’t regret it.


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