LSFE: An apple a day…

…may cause diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, and a general frustration with the food industry. All these years we’ve been eating apples under the pretense that they were healthy! Guess again. One apple contains the same amount if not more sugar than three chocolate cookies. So avoid the farmers market and the fruit stands and head straight to the cookie aisle!

Okay, hopefully at this point you’re losing it. You’re about the leave the blog and never return. You’re asking “has this guy lost his mind?”. And if you’re not, than we’ve got bigger problems. But as ridiculous (and unfounded, just in case your still worried) as my claims are, they are partially true. Yes, one apple has about the same amount of sugar (depending on the apple because last time I checked they aren’t uniform and labeled) as three store bought chocolate chip cookies. But does that mean we should stop eating them. OF COURSE NOT!!!!!

This is what makes me so aggravated about this recent article in the LA times suggesting that orange juice, you know the perfect drink for a balanced breakfast, is just as bad as soda. And what kills me, is that once again, the claim is partially true. Yes, orange juice contains a lot of sugar (albeit sugars that come from the fruit itself, assuming your drinking 100%), and yes, orange juice does not contain the beneficial fiber that the whole fruit contains. But does that mean you should never drink it? OF COURSE NOT!

When’s the last time you ordered a 64 oz orange juice at the movie theatre. Or have heard kids beg and plead for another glass. Has our obsession with the perfect diet (or more likely, the risks of everything) led us to this point. The point in which we will start removing orange juice from our daily routines? At this point we are all well aware of the pros and cons of our food and beverage decisions. And don’t get me wrong; this isn’t even about soda, the choice for comparison. If you want a soda, drink a soda. If you want a cookie, eat a cookie. But if we start preaching factual details as the whole story, we as a nation, as a people will be heading down a slippery slope.

So lets really analyze the details here. As far as health benefits, choosing to eat an orange is better than the equal amount of orange juice. Why? The fiber within the fruit will slow the absorption of the sugars maintaining a healthier balance. That being said, 100% orange juice does contain the same benefiting vitamins and nutrients we’ve known about for years. So what to do? Choose whole fruits over juice when possible. Drink 100% juice over sugar laden “cocktails”. And as always, everything in moderation. But most importantly don’t let claims like the ones in this article change what common sense tells you.


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