Make Way for More Gadgets

I used to be such a food gadget freak. A different tool for every application, a different pot or pan for every meal, and less and less space in my cabinets! Finally after taking a look around my kitchen and being lost in a sea of silly purchases, I put a hold on all cooking related spending…

Luckily, that didn’t mean I had to stop accepting presents! The last few years, whether it be for the holidays or my birthday, I have received some amazing kitchen related gifts! Remember how crazy I was (and still am) about the cast iron pans. Well than imagine how excited I was to see a brand new food processor, a mandoline, and a food mill all hidden under brightly Christmas colored wrapping paper (I know I’m a bit late in my posting). All three items are “must haves” in my opinion but here I was, cooking with out any of them.

I’m not sure if you’ve used a food mill but if you haven’t, you probably should. Whether it’s for your creamy mashed potatoes, your homemade marinara, or your creamy tomato soup, the food mill is an exceptional tool that makes you work for it’s great benefits (think of it as your pre-meal exercise). By cranking on the arm, your delicious food is pushed through the fine holes (a lot like a potato ricer or a mesh sieve would do) creating a texture unlike anything else. Last night I pureed roasted sweet potatoes and celery root with just a bit of stock and a pat of butter and the result was amazing! Paired with pan roasted local chicken thighs and some sauteed spinach, the creamy blend was the star of the plate. Everyone went back for seconds.


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