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As I recently mentioned, I plan on sharing recipes with you more and more. Whether it’s through participating in a challenge, or adding to a conversation through your comments, Silver Caterers recipe cards are going to be an awesome incentive. This first one is free for the taking so download the pdf and let me know what you think. And keep an eye out for future postings!

And because I’m just one of a katrillion people with an opinion and a passion for food, I’m also hoping to start sharing some more interesting links with you. And as always, if you have found something worth sharing, post a comment and I’ll make sure to mention it!

Fooducate Blog This is a great website I just ran into the other day. There is a lot of solid information both revealing and educational. You may not love everything you read, but I will say it’s a good resource for some of the questions created by all the crazy food marketing.

Juliet Eats Food  – By now we’ve all heard about Michael Pollan’s suggestion: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” alluding to the benefits of eating “whole” foods and breaking away from the processed and manufactured. But if you have ever tried to follow his proclamation, you’ll know how hard it is. So follow Juliet, who is attempting to stay the course for an entire year.

Snack Time – This article focuses on the “snack” obsession throughout childhood, perpetuated by parents and schools alike. But I had to laugh as I was reading it because of the ridiculous overlaps in our “adult” lives. It may not be cookies and milk, but haven’t coffee and doughnuts or chips and salsa become a must to make any gathering worth and/or dealable to attend. Kinda funny…


2 Responses to Recipes and Links

  1. Boner says:

    Hey Ricky –

    I like reading the blog. I recently read Pollan’s book over the summer, he’s alittle nutty, but i completely endorse the elimination of processed foods from tyour diet. That Juliet blog is pretty interesting – you either need to live real close to a farmers market or grow your own food though. Its hard in the city to get fresh ingredients on a daily basis.
    I dunno if you’ve heard of them, but last year I did a CSA program…tehy end up being a pretty good deal. You get fresh veggies,etc for the whole growing season and u help out a local farmer. I’ll send you over some info on it if you want.


    • r1silver says:

      I agree. Sometimes, Pollan gets on my nerves simply because he tends to complicate things in his efforts to simplify things (if that makes any sense). But I guess you have to sell books some how. I love the idea of CSAs but have been reluctant to try one because I’ve heard the quantity can be a bit heavy for one person. Maybe we could share? Send me some info and thanks for reading my blog!

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