Arguing with myself…

Can a particular type of food be in your top five list if you never eat it? I mean, how much could you possibly like something if you struggle to remember the last time you had it? Ok well what if it isn’t readily available? If your favorite cheese only comes from a small town in France (and they don’t ship) doesn’t that apply?. Well, what if the food in question is a Mexican restaurant staple and you live in a city flooded with Mexican restaurants (albeit most of them being mediocre)?

In all honesty this is the very argument I had with myself two nights ago. Because if you had a gun to my head and made me name my top five foods, I’d without hesitation put the Chile Relleno on the list. So when was the last time I had one you may ask? 2 years ago and I have no rational explanation for this…

Turns out the best solution for this self imposed argument was to make them myself. In many instances of Chile Relleno chow downs, I’ve laughed at how simple the concept of a fire roasted pepper filled with cheese, deep fried (not always, but in most cases they are), and covered in sauce truly is. And how much flavor, complex in it’s own right can be imparted into this preperation. I decided to dial back the richness of my stuffed peppers by adding roasted pulled organic chicken (to reduce the amount of cheese and add some substance) and to roast the finished product instead of frying. Not that anything was lacking flavor wise from these slight changes, but even if there had been a dip in flavor, the sauce would have more than made up for it. A simple blend of fire roasted tomatoes and roasted red peppers run through one of my new favorite toys, the food mill, worked as the perfect base for these amazing Chile Rellenos! No argument needed!


One Response to Arguing with myself…

  1. Still I think it is better for us not to eat our favorite food too much. we might just bore ourselves then you will start disliking it.

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