The Grain of the Legions…Enough Said

Sometimes it takes me forever to get to one my recipes on the “must try” list. It was actually back at the Risotto competition that I first encountered the above variation on my go to meal; risotto. I have worked from the most traditional of flavor combinations to some of the craziest. But in all my variations, I’ve used arborio rice. We may not enjoy pronouncing it but we all know it’s prime-time risotto rice.

But who knew arborio wasn’t the only ingredient primed to make fantastic risotto. Farro, sometimes dubbed the “grain of the legions” seems to still be debated over what it is or is related to. Most agree that it is or it is like spelt, but you won’t care once you’ve tried this creamy creation. Cooked in the exact same method of your traditional risotto, this farro version has a bit more flavor and the nutrition of those grains we’re constantly told to eat. But I don’t need to hear it from a nutritionist. I’ll take the Roman legionaries word for it. My version was a roasted celery root and carrot risotto with peas. Perfect!

As a side note, I’ve decided to hold off until tomorrow to post about my 11 ingredient challenge so you have until tomorrow morning to send me your offerings. Trust me you’re going to want these recipes I cooked up….Did anyone else manage to use all 11?


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