Classic Italian

White beans and escarole, a classic Italian combination is great in its simplicity. Whether it’s served as a soup, a side, or even a main dish with sausage or shrimp, the combination is hearty and familiar. An easy one pot braising most likely became popular because of the availability of the ingredients and the ease in preparing such a dish for a crowd. Plus, the beans offer protein and substance while the greens are packed with other great nutrients making this a rather healthy dish as well. And the flavors of curry and chile peppers are just perfect.

“Wait did he just say curry and chile peppers?”

Yes. It’s true. My version of these classic italian ingredients has some non-traditional flavors. But I’m on a curry kick and this is exactly why I love to cook. Tweaking flavor profiles of familiar foods can be hit or miss but when it hits you can’t help but be impressed with yourself. My italian sausage, escarole, and white bean stew served with chile pepper and honey glazed shrimp may not be traditional, but it will sure become tradition.

Plus that curry powder is loaded with turmeric (one of our 11 foods). I’m not counting this as one of my dishes but let this serve as a reminder of our little challenge!


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