In need of a little challenge?

Credit: Evan Sung for The New York Times

(Credit: Evan Sung for The New York Times)

A friend of mine passed this article along from the New York Times blog. A list of 11 (weird number for a list) foods that nutritionist Jonny Bowden says we should be, but aren’t eating. I’ll be honest, the list isn’t all that groundbreaking, but nonetheless it’s a nice resource and reminder for us home cooks needing a challenge. For instance, when’s the last time you bought sardines?

So this got me thinking…What interesting ways can these eleven ingredients be combined to make a dish or even better a full meal. I’ve already got a few ideas and will be sharing my creations with you at the beginning of next week, but what about you? How would you use these ingredients (some much easier than others) to make a memorable meal. Well here’s your opportunity to try. So work out a recipe or two incorporating some of these ingredients (bragging rights for most ingredients used), snap a photo, and share your results with the rest of us. For added incentive, those who email me ( the pictures of their creations by noon Monday will receive my recipes for this little challenge along with the recipe for my favorite Tortilla Soup. So get cooking!


3 Responses to In need of a little challenge?

  1. […] Plus that curry powder is loaded with turmeric (one of our 11 foods). I’m not counting this as one of my dishes but let this serve as a reminder of our little challenge! […]

  2. sarah says:

    my participation in this challenge will be me eating your creation. thank you in advance. and, that’s what she said.

  3. […] a side note, I’ve decided to hold off until tomorrow to post about my 11 ingredient challenge so you have until tomorrow morning to send me your offerings. Trust me your going to want these […]

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