The List: Gottino for Brunch

Early on in my life as  New Yorker, it became clear how exciting and special the Sunday Brunch can be. Maybe because of the work hard, party harder mentality of the city or maybe more because of the tiny kitchens most of us have, meeting some friends for one last weekend cocktail along with some delicious food is high on the list of  Sunday priorities. Unfortunately however, in a city known for it’s food, finding a reasonably priced, interesting and delicious brunch that doesn’t require an hour wait is becoming tougher and tougher…

We have been wanting to try Gottino for a while now after hearing nothing but high praise from both blogs and critics alike. Yet despite hearing the name fairly frequently, I had never really heard much about the menu. So after gazing at the many options ranging from this kale and sweet sausage frittata I chose, to the crepes and waffles served with various fillings and toppings, I found myself scheming with the others at the table ensuring a few bites of everything. But what I was even more shocked to find after so greatly enjoying this brunch, was that I had seen it all in action as we walked past the bar to our table. Produced only by a toaster oven, panini press, and espresso steamer stationed behind the bar, our savory and sweet treats would have been truly memorable even without these impressive cooking conditions.

Steamed scrambled eggs sound a bit weird? Well these eggs, steamed in the same way your cappuccino foam is created, are light and decadent overshadowing any scrambled eggs I have tasted in recent memory. And the waffle with the berry compote was familiar albeit perfect. I am partial to the frittata because of the savory flavors nestled in with the perfectly cooked eggs. It’s what I want every omelette I ever order to taste like.

And maybe best of all, this brunch was really reasonable. Now there were no drink deals that are a staple at many NYC sunday favorites but I didn’t really miss the booze. The great coffee and the fantastic service were enough for me. The space isn’t very large but we had no problem getting  a table which may or may not have had something to do with it being the Sunday after new years. And I won’t say I’d wait an hour, but I’ll definitely be back to Gottino sometime soon.

Gottino, 52 Greenwich Ave


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